Artist Biography

Aaniin, Boozhoo, Binesi Waaban Kwe ndizhnikaaz. My name is Tareyn Johnson. I am a member of Georgina Island First Nation, and have kinship ties to Aundeck Omni Kaning, which was my grandmother's reserve. 

I was taught to love art and creating beautiful items by my grandma, June (Wesley-Esquimaux) Pitawanakwat. She was a seamstress that was taught to sew in Shingwauk Residential School. As a teenager, my Aunties Wanda and Lorraine Big Canoe taught me to do beadwork, as Wanda owned an art business in California and she and Lorraine made moccasins, hair ties, and other handcrafted items. 

I spent my academics first pursuing art, but then focussed on literature, which led me to a career in Indigenous post-secondary as the Director of Indigenous Affairs at a Canadian University, as well as a part-time professor in Indigenous Studies.

During the pandemic, I was pregnant with my daughter, and started to make us a pair of "Mama and Me" moccasins and creating beadwork. The act of creating a human life combined with the creation of art sparked joy in me, and I haven't stopped creating since. I focus on beadwork, such as jewelry and portraits, but also paint and create mixed-media works as well. I adore taking on custom pieces, and have been blessed to create items for weddings, dog memorials, and have taken on commissions for Indigenous celebrities and two federal ministers. (see celebrity works page or visit my Instagram @reyn.rose13)

Gchi miigwech (thank you very much) for coming to visit my website. I greatly appreciate the support and hope that your creativity is sparked as well, the world needs more artists! 


Wewena (take care),



Tareyn Johnson

Instagram @reyn.rose13